Vicrila Cocktail Catavinos Glass 210ml

Cocktail Catavinos Glass 210ml

Pack Size: 48


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Pack Size: 48
Pack Price: $124.80

A really lovely 210ml cocktail glass that could also work really well as a stemmed water glass.
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For water, cocktails or wine.

Catavinos is a spanish wine glass therefore whilst we wouldn't normally pour wine into a glass like this it is certainly acceptable to use the glass this way for the right wine. Alternatively I would use this glass as a stemmed wine or simply for a nice refreshing cocktail glass where the cocktail itself has no dictated glass to be used. It is the perfect multipurpose stemmed glass, for frozen cocktails, mixed cocktails where the colours will look really cool in a big bowled stemmed glass like this, or simply use as your water glasses at the table almost like a goblet however a little finer in appearance.

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restaurants, hotels, bar's, home use, table setting water glass, spanish and similar wine where a large bowl like this is ideal.

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