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iHome iDL46 iPad / iPhone / iPod Docking Station


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Code: TEC0001

Price: $201.50 ex. GST

June '19 Price: $220.92 ex. GST

iHome iDL46 - iPod/iPhone & iPad Alarm Clock for hotels
Contemporary look, with all the features you know and love

Supports the iPhone 5 & 6, Plus all other Smartphone's that charge via USB
Flexible Lightning dock (2.1 amp) plays and charges iPad, iPhone 5 & 6 and newest docking iPod models
Universal USB port to play and charge Apple 30-pin connector models and charge all other devices, Android etc. (cable not included)

Hotel features include:
The Alarms operate as single day alarms only – so one guest’s 4am wake up will not affect the next guest
Auto time adjustment is disabled. There is a battery back-up in case of a power outage and this also rings the Buzzer alarm
Radio pre-sets can be accessed but not reprogrammed
In hotel low mode the maximum volume is approximately half the normal volume (to avoid possible noise complaints)
Security lanyard so the unit can be secured to bedside table

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