La Tapa Round Casserole With Handles 150mm | $15.60 ea
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La Tapa Round Casserole With Handles 150mm

Pack Size: 20


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Three sizes to choose from

La Tapa is Toxin Free - 100% organic from mother nature. This range is produced free of toxins, without chemical glazes and lead clay.

Each piece is hand moulded and shaped, leaving us with an elegant contemporary piece of art. These artisian pieces can be used after curing, please see below instructions. If using an electric stove top a heat diffuser is recommended. Items within this range include griddle pans, roasters, baking dishes, all complimented with matching small unique tapas bowls.

Care for this cookware
Taking from fridge, please allow cookware to stand and reach room temperature before being exposed to any form of heat.

When heating La Tapa should be placed in a cold oven allowing vessel and oven to reach required temperature at the same time.

Hand wash only, with a light perfumed detergent, if heavily soiled soak in a mind detergent, avoid using metal or highly abrasive scouring pads or powders. The use of dishwasher is not recommended.

How to cure your La Tapa Pot
Fill three-quarters of the uncovered vessel with warm water, place in cool oven until reaching 200 degrees celsius for 30 minutes. This process will assist with curing your cookware. As with all clay cookware, regular use will fully season your vessel. If you find your piece is still porous bring full cream milk to the boil then allow it to stand for several minutes.

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