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Santo Alessi Organics Risotto Plate Satin Black 280 x 250mm

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This satin black risotto dish is also available in satin white
On sale now Santo Alessi uniquely crafted black risotto ceramic dish.

Santo Alessi crafted ceramic in use in the kitchen Risotto, a classic italian rice dish is unfortunately synonomous with disaster and risk if you're a contestant on Masterchef. Fortunately one thing you won't have to risk is how your risotto will look when you present it on a Santo Alessi crafted ceramic. The Organics range perfectly compliments your finest recipes. The colours of your food whether subdued or vibrant jump off the plate. Whether you are refining that Beetroot Risotto or creating a decadent chocolate risotto dessert, this range will elevate your dish in your restaurant.

Generously sized at 28cm long and specifically designed for risotto. whether you prefer the charcoal black porcelain or the clean white version, there is an option to suit your cafe or restaurant dining style.

Please note :- The Organics range is a unique range, pieces can vary slightly.

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All types of risotto as seen on Master Chef Australia - beetroot, mushroom risotto, pumpkin sage. Personally I would also use this dish for gnocchi dishes.

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