Organics Santo Alessi Side Plate Satin White
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Santo Alessi Organics Side Plate Satin White 210 x 180mm

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Santo Alessi Side Plate White is just one of the products in this range that is sure to impress your Chef's and Guests.

Mix and match the requirements and colours you need to suit the dishes on your menu.

Available in Satin White or Satin Black.
210 x 180 x 25mm

As the name suggests this is your ideal side plate to partner up with a white or black dinner plate, in this range they have a standard dinner plate and then a larger size to assist with what your Chef's requires.
This plate could also be used for a smaller dessert or entree if required measuring at 210mm x 180mm at their greatest width and length. The unique shape is also a very appealing point of difference in this range, it's not round or square it meets you half way between these two shapes and really creates a unique dining experience.

To be purchasing a product from an Australian owned and operated company is also an added bonus for both Santo Alessi and Hospitality Products.

Please note :- The Organics range is a unique range, pieces can vary slightly.

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As seen on Master Chef Australia this range is suitable for a variety of establishments. Restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, resort, home end user.

Delivery time is usually from 5 to 10 working days from the date of payment depending on stock availablilty.

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