Santo Alessi Organics Sushi/Tapas Plate Satin White
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Santo Alessi Organics Sushi/Tapas Plate Satin White 330 x 160mm


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330 x 160mm

Ideal for sushi or an assortment of tapas where a long plate will work best. Particularly suited for tastings, dips and breads and the like.

Available in Satin White or Satin Black.

330 x 160 x 20mm

Quite often chef's will like to have tasting plates whether it be for an appetizer, entree or dessert menu tasters. As seen on Master Chef Australia - this plate was very popular it - works really well to showcase some stand out chef's creations for a tasting, and at the same time it is then a plate that can be reused in the kitchen for a bread and dipping oil with dukkah. Alternatively as the name suggests this plate is ideal for tapas and sushi.

This range has a number of pieces that can be used to create a wonderful collection no matter how large a dining set you want or if you simply require a couple of pieces.
Sold in ideal pack sizes and a great assortment of dishes from Salsa bowl, Cereal bowl, Risotto Plate and Sushi/Tapas Plate.

As with all ceramics sudden temperature change should be avoided.
- Never apply to a direct flame
- Never go straight from fridge to hot oven, it is always recommended to start with a cold oven and heat gradually.
- Never place from hot oven onto a cold surface
- Microwave, dishwasher and oven proof.

Please note :- The Organics range is a unique range, pieces can vary slightly.

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Ideal for commercial use in a variety of different restaurants or alternatively a great plate to have in your home if you entertain regularly and like to be able to mix and match your shapes of plates. The shape and texture is very attractive in this plate and is sure to impress your clientele or guests at home.

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