Care Instructions for the Chef Inox Product Range
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Care Instructions for Chef Inox Cookware Products

The following is a set of useful tips and reminders

  • Do not misuse pans and always follow use and care instructions.
  • Before first use wash pans with detergent, rinse and dry. For non stick surfaces “condition” the surface with a little cooking oil and wipe off excess with kitchen towel. All non stick finishes benefit from periodic “conditioning” to preserve the easy release performance.
  • Low to medium cooking heats are advised as continuous high heat can cause most food to stick to the pan and may result in discolorations of non stick coatings. For best results use a pan on a burner of the corresponding diameter. If using gas, adjust the flame so that it does not extend up the side of the pan.
  • Chef Inox Profile is oven safe to 130°C. Chef Inox Gravity items with stainless steel/phenolic handles are oven safe to 130°C and casserole pots [without lids] are oven safe to 260°C. All Chef Inox Professional & Studio items are oven safe to 500°C.
  • When ‘oven cooking’ or during prolonged stove top cooking, handles and knobs may become hot. We therefore suggest the use of a glove or mitt for extra safety.
  • Don’t leave cooking unattended, leave an empty pan on hot burner or allow to boil dry.
  • Keep handles from extending over the front edge of the cooking surface.
  • Every lid is engineered to fit tightly. This can create a basting oven which locks in valuable flavour and nutrients during cooking. It also prevents heat from escaping so that the foods cook more efficiently and use less energy. The stove also stays cleaner because the lid prevents spattering.
  • Remove lids by lifting away from you. Direct contact with rising steam can be very dangerous.
  • Chef Inox handles are guaranteed against working loose; however, we recommend checking handles periodically to ensure that they are solidly fixed.
  • It is advised to use plastic or wooden utensils when using Teflon non stick coated products as this will prolong the quality of the non stick interior. Metal utensils can be used but avoid sharp metal utensils and never cut directly on to the surface.
  • Be extremely careful when moving the pan if it has hot contents and ensure you use the handles for lifting and carrying the pan and the knob for lifting the lid.
  • When deep frying, fill the pan no more than 1/3 full of oil. This will allow for displacement of the oil caused by the addition of food whilst also ensuring adequate coverage so foods will fry evenly. Do not leave hot oil unattended or keep it covered whilst frying.
  • Add salt to water only after it has come to the boil, to avoid the salt grains attacking steel interiors.
  • When placing a pan under a griller, always ensure that the handle is not directly under the heat, as the high heat may cause damage to the handle and pan body.
  • Chef Inox cooking products cannot be used in microwaves unless specifically stated.
  • Always wash pans thoroughly after each use to remove all traces of food or grease particles which will burn when the pan is reheated, causing stains.
  • Let pans and lids cool gradually after use. Do not pour cold water on to them or in to them while they are hot. This can cause warping of the base and also hot grease to spatter.
  • Only clean items with detergents or cleaning products which state that they are safe to use on steel or non stick coatings. It is safe to wash Profile, Gravity, Professional & Studio in a dishwasher.

Chef Inox has a Lifetime Warranty on its range of cookware:

  • Chef Inox Professional Stainless Steel Cookware is guaranteed against manufacturing defects under normal household use.