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Polycarbonate Products

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Displaying 1-45 of 133 products.

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Displaying 1-45 of 133 products.

Polycarbonate products are a great alternative to glassware and can be used in areas where you would not consider normal glassware. Many of these polycarbonate products are very sturdy making them difficult to break. Polycarbonate products often look like glassware, but without the drawbacks of breakages. Our range includes polycarbonate beer glasses, tumblers, wine glasses and a variety of other types of polycarbonate glassware.

Hospitality Products's Polycarbonate Products category has an average review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 467 customer reviews.

Avoid having to constantly replace traditional glasses. Purchase polycarbonate drinking glasses! Polycarbonate glassware is designed for use in bars, night clubs, restaurants and any other place with the risk of breakages.