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Boning & Filleting

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Oppenheimer F.Dick Filetting Knife 18cm
Product is not available
Oppenheimer F-Dick Turning Knife 5cm
Product is not available
Oppenheimer F.Dick Boning Knife 15cm
Product is not available
Tuffsteel Boning Knife
Product is discontinued

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Displaying 1-25 of 25 products.

Chefs often require specialist filleting knives to do the job to their satisfaction and Hospitality Wholesale have a range of high quality low priced filleting knives to suit. Companies such as Wenger, Mundial, Global, Furi and IVO produce some of the most stylish and durable filleting knives available. Whether you require a fish slicing knife, swedish filleting knife, fish poultry knife, or a flexible salmon knife, you'll find a range of durable, easy to maintain filleting knives in a variety of sizes available to ship.

Hospitality Products's Boning & Filleting category has an average review score of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 110 customer reviews.

Boning & Filleting ranging from $3.22 to $195.68 available in various options. Our range of premium Boning & Filleting is absolutely suitable for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels or even your very own kitchen. Buy Boning & Filleting at Wholesale Hospitality today at affordable prices.