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Kitchen Utensils

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Displaying 1-45 of 623 products.

Page 1 of 14
Displaying 1-45 of 623 products.

Kitchen utensils are always in demand in commercial kitchens, you can never have too many cooking utensils. High use items such as ladles, scoops, spoons and spatulas are always in demand as are tongs, whisks, scrapers and turners. Other cooking utensils which feature in a chefs toolbox include garlic pressers, pizza cutters and tenderizers. Hospitality Products offer cooking utensils that are made from the highest quality of materials all at a reasonable price in convenient pack sizes or carton quantities. Our kitchen utensils are from popular brands such as Pujadas, Bodum, Arcos, Moda, Wenger, Tablekraft, Metalex, Chef Inox, Paderno and many more. If you are looking for kitchen or cooking utensils you will find what you need here with delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth and all over Australia.

Hospitality Products's Kitchen Utensils category has an average review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 3907 customer reviews.

So many people prefer to dine out, it's only understandable they can't find their way around a kitchen utensil range. But those who prepare their food certainly do, so we've created this selection of cooking utensils online for them.