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Displaying 1-45 of 241 products.

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Displaying 1-45 of 241 products.

We have on offer a traditional sauce boat by Maxim with open top, good pouring lip and sturdy handle. For something a little different the Chelsea Sauce Pot is shaped very much like a small teapot with spout, lid with knob top and good sized handle. This section offers you anything from a Sauce Boat, 2 divider condiment dish, Chinese spoon to a sake bottle. All products used to serve condiments to your clients. Available in fine white porcelain at very affordable prices.

Hospitality Products's Condiments category has an average review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 830 customer reviews.

Condiments ranging from $0.66 to $89.87 available in various options. Our range of premium Condiments is absolutely suitable for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels or even your very own kitchen. Buy Condiments at Wholesale Hospitality today at affordable prices.