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Durable, Safe and perfect for your restaurant or home kitchen.Not only is this range of champagne, wine, tumblers, beer and specialty glassware safer to use than glass, it also offers the appearance of traditional glass.

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Eat, Drink and Give Thanks

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How creative you choose to be from behind the bar is up to you.

The glassware is ready and the accessories aren't far away whether you wish to add a little smoke or floral experience.. or some colour ?

It's all up to you - There is a glass created just for your artisic flair.

The Jakobsen range is nothing like I have ever seen before.  Every piece is made by hand, following simple design, that offers the food and beverage industy an aesthetically appealing, functional work of ART known as a glass.

There has been a shift in the food industry with Molecular Gastronomy becoming the way of the future in a lot of ways, with foames, gels, dry ice and more. It seems now there is a similar change in the land of bartenders with Mixology taking the main focus in a lot of bars.  Paricularly in city settings where it can be how consumers choose their restaurant/bar of choice based on whether there is a mixologist in the house.   So what is it that defines a Mixologist, is it the alluring way they are able to mix, garnish and serve your drink of choice.  Could it be the selection available on the cocktail and wine list. The term basically refers to 'anyone that aspires to mix a great cocktail' so in staying that I too could call myself a mixologist at times.

At the end of the day I am sure we will all agree that technique is important, even with the best of ingredients if a mixologist is lacking in technique you can't save a poorly blended cocktail.  The more experience one has behind the bar using their creative flair and the tools of the trade, the better their creations will become.  Experience is everything !

Once you have learnt your mixology skills you will find the ability to step away from the stock standard and think outside the box.  This is where creations like The DupleX come into play - created for the open minded bartender ready to blend a little smoke with a little liquor and create a cocktail experience that is part fantasy blended with a little reality.  The Lark known as the 'bird glass' is certainly more about the glass than the cocktail however don't let that interupt your train of thought in creating a blend that is to be savoured and enjoyed.  Created to offer a freedom in creating new recipes in an elegant and sophisticated way. 

The Baron is a fancy iconic design with a twist on the rEvolution glass, stretching out a pipe that offers you endless possabilities. 

From the depths of the sea comes a Fugu an inspired blow fish and for me this glass is unconventional and irresistable all at the same time. One that I am sure an experienced Chef could event tie into a dish.  It's spiky exterior is sure to create some talk as all eyes watch it drift accross the main dining room floor on your servers tray.  Adding colour to allure it's prey is sure to draw a crowd.

The creations in the range are endless (a glass to suit all) and with that in mind I end with The Poly glass, I see this glass as what I would call a Traditional Mixology glass (if there is such a thing) - with smoke and colour and aromas that tempt and draw you in, the unique shape is cimply captivating.

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Introducing Schott Zwiesel

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Schott Zwiesel - Fiesta Glassware
















Hospitality Products is thrilled to introduce Schott Zwiesel - Fiesta !

Schott Zwiesel is a comany that has over 140 years experience with their extensive ranges offering sophistication, innovation and durability in their products.

This is an extensive range of glassware shapes for every meal.  If your choice is white wine - Flute, Riesling, and Chardonnay and then onto the Burgundy and Bourdeaux in reds. 

Developed for professionals with the concept of shape, quality and increased strength as their main focus. An added strength in this range of Fiesta Glassware - comes from the patented Tritan Protect.  This has increased the durability and offers double the protection against breaking stems. Also offering protection agains scratches and overall durability unlike in conventional glassware.

Whilst Fiesta is the only glassware we currently have from Schott Zwiesel we look forward to welcoming more form this company that is globallly recognised as a leader in their market.

To view and order this glassware - it's easy, simply go to the link below and you will see the full range, add to shopping cart and fill in your details, we will be in touch and do the rest.

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Unit Fitouts

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So we PACK UNITS - What does that mean ?

As the title and images may suggest - Yes we grab some boxes and pack some things into them for units, but often one doesn't know what this entails and how this may help your business.

To start we go through your requirements to ensure that we have an understanding of exactly what you need. We then finalize this information with you and source the required products for our many suppliers. Once we have received all the goods, we sort, prep and then put these together into cartons for their units, apartments and offices. Whatever the establishment I am sure we can assist. So to give you an example this may be an apartment that goes into a lease back and needs a full kitchen for the guests use. Items such as a toaster, kettle, chopping board, knife set, pots and pans, cooking utensils, tea towels, tumblers, wine glasses, coasters, salad bowl, water jug, grater, plates, bowls, bathroom items, and more. The real fun begins, when the pallets start to roll in, the products are broken down into the quantities required per unit/apartment. Once the products are broken down and prepped into the quantities required, then they are packed in the most effective way possible for despatch and to ensure they get delivered with no breakages.

As you can imagine this can be a very lengthy process and that is where we come into assist with this service. Trying to complete this task with no supplier contacts, very little space and the uncertainty of exactly what may be required only presents more challengers. We have worked in the industry and are around these products on a daily basis, we know not only what is required however the brands and designs that are best suited to the product you have on hand. If we can assist all you need is some basic knowledge of what you require, and an end date for the project.

So now you know how this process plays out, I wonder if you have a project in mind that we could assist you with.  An office kitchette, meeting rooms, apartments fitouts, new hotel rooms, modernizing of rooms, school canteen requirements. 

So let us know how we can HELP you !



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Dine and Shop

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Gold Coast is certainly an exciting place to wine and dine and shopping seems to be going hand in hand with a popular new trend of upmarket shopping precincts. 

Robina Town Centre and Pacific Fair once my teenage playgrounds are no longer recognizable with upmarket boutique shop fronts, designer labels, and restaurant dining options.

Pacific Fair - Queensland’s Largest Shopping Centre -  has a Kids Club and Sunday Sessions consisting of live music, table tennis, and cocktails.  No to mention endless variety of dining options  !

Who wouldn’t want to go shopping on a Sunday?

The food and beverage industry is such an experience these days and shoppers want to be able to experience this too.  Comuna Cantina is just one of the exciting options on offer with Nutella Espresso Martini’s, BBQ plates and Latin American Salsa Nights that will change the way you look at a night out shopping with the missus.

Rivea Italian is a relatively new restaurant to the shopping precinct – the food looks irresistible this is one restaurant on my ‘to visit’ list –  it may call for a long shopping lunch with my husband.

Of course if you don’t have time for long lunches however still enjoy a tasty meal  hand made and pan cooked however a little faster for the shopper on the run – Schnitz has just what you are looking for !

Robina Town Centre has impressed many with the new and exciting ‘The Kitchens’ – An endless array of events and celebrities stopping by and ofcourse resident CHEF – Sam Gowing  who cooks on stage at set times of the day using fresh produce that is on offer right there in the centre.

Not to mention the extremely popular restaurants that are the talk of the town – Betty’s Burgers serving the freshest mouthwatering burgers this side of the boarder.

Jimmy Grants – I am yet to try however greek cuisine is certainly a favourite of mine and it looks tasty with a George Colombaris backing at a recent event ‘Friends of George Party.’

Then there is the forever exciting Elixiba Plant Based Bar and Restaurant – seriously have you seen what they do with healthy ingredients…  it is impressive to say the least.

So the next time you are dragged to the shops, start planning out the dining experience you desire.

Or if your like me and not much of a shopper and all your girlfriends talk about it getting together – plan it around a Salsa night or a long lunch with wine… it really is a wine wine… (like what I did there) ..

Those that work in the food and beverage industry and are looking for assistance with products - We can help !

Hospitality Products is involved with a number or franchise stores and stand alone establishments - simply ask us how we can help.





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