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Tea & Coffee

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Seasons Mug 340ml Sea Spray
Australian Fine China
Seasons Mug 340ml Sea Spray


Seasons Mug 340ml Stone
Australian Fine China
Seasons Mug 340ml Stone


Seasons Teapot 500ml Graphite
Australian Fine China
Seasons Teapot 500ml Graphite


Ascot Tea Cup 150ml
Royal Bone China
18% offAscot Tea Cup 150ml


Ascot Tapered Cup 200ml
Royal Bone China
14% offAscot Tapered Cup 200ml


Ascot 240ml Coffee Cup
Royal Bone China
21% offAscot 240ml Coffee Cup


13% offChelsea Sugar Bowl 250ml


Chelsea Tea Pot 600ml
Royal Porcelain
15% offChelsea Tea Pot 600ml


14% offChelsea Chinese Tea Cup 100ml


13% offFlared Mug By Chelsea 300ml


10% offChelsea Cylindrical Mug 250ml


10% offChelsea Double Well Saucer 160mm


26% off
Chelsea Round Saucer 150mm


Page 1 of 14
Displaying 1-45 of 612 products.

Tea and coffee is common place in everyday life and there are a very wide range of different tea and coffee products. Here at Hospitality Products we have all those coffee and tea bits and pieces to keep you going. We have some excellent coffee glasses, tea glasses, coffee pots and presses, tea infusers and tea and coffee accessories. Our excellent tea and coffee products are from brands such as Wiltshire, Jonas, Tablekraft, Athena, Bodum, Bevande and many more. In this section you will find a wide variety of coffee pots and coffee makers, hot water jugs, tea pots and tea and coffee making items such as creamer jugs, filter papers, sugar dispensers, tea strainers and many more.

Hospitality Products's Tea & Coffee category has an average review score of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 3031 customer reviews.

Working in the service industry, you know how people like to enjoy their breakfast - with a coffee mug that feels like home. Browse our range of coffee mugs online and buy coffee mugs in bulk at discounted prices.