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Hospitality and Kitchenware Product Services

We don't just sell quality kitchenware products at great low prices. We also offer several great services for hospitality businesses.

Custom Printing of Kitchenware Products

We can provide custom printing of plates, glasses, cups or just about any other product. Click here to find out more.

Indent Ordering of Hospitality Products

We specialise in sourcing large quantities of products. Delivery time is longer, but the price can be significantly less than our normal low prices. Click here to find out more.

Large Orders for Whole Kitchen Fitouts

If you are fitting out a whole kitchen, then we can help. We can recommend the best products that you will need and organise a great rate to save you as much money as possible. Contact us for more information.

Quotes to Setup Kitchens, Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Hotels

Are you setting up a new venue or renovating or updating an existing establishment? We can help you to find all the products that you need, from cutlery and crockery, to pots and pans, to ovens and microwaves, to mixers and juicers, to towels, sheets, TVs and beds. We can organise a quote for everything you need. Contact us for more information.

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Durable, Safe and perfect for your restaurant or home kitchen.Not only is this range of champagne, wine, tumblers, beer and specialty glassware safer to use than glass, it also offers the appearance of traditional glass.