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Lotus Biscuits

Shane posted this on | Location: Richmond, VIC

These biscuits are the absolute best. Come individually wrapped so easy to put out for people to help themselves and they stay fresh. Best pricing on offer at Hospitality Products.

Price, taste & individually wrapped

Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuits 300/Inner (BULK)

So glad they are back in stock

Rachel posted this on | Location: Robina, QLD

My customers love these and until recently struggled to find them locally. I serve them on the side with tea or coffee and they are a real hit.

Delicious, individually wrapped

Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuits 300/Inner (BULK)

Good Value Cheese Knife

Douglas posted this on | Location: Sydney, NSW

Good value cheese knife. Prompt delivery and item exactly as described.

Luxor Cheese Knife 195mm

Great Styling

Jo posted this on | Location: Woombye, QLD

Wanted an old fashioned glass to suit our home. Very reasonably priced and good quality.

Quality, price

Pasabahce Timeless Longdrink 300ml

Works well & good price

Peter posted this on | Location: Brisbane

Happy with my purchase. Works well and got a great price from Hospitality Products.

Commercial Urn 10L

The best cup ever!

Ashleigh posted this on | Location: Burleigh, QLD

Great product and best price I could find. Thank you Hospitality Products I shop with you again.

It works, eco friendly.

Avanti Go Cup 410ml 12oz Black

Can't wait for this Jakobsen Design glass

Sammy posted this on | Location: Gold Coast

I love the Jakobsen range as a whole and have a couple of glasses already, this glass is just breathtaking - I can't wait to get my hands on it.

So unique
Hand wash only however worth it.

Jakobsen Design Odette Swan Glass 75ml

Great except need a glove

Sam posted this on | Location: Brisbane

We love this wok, purchased for home use to go on our gas wok burner. The only thing that we didn't realise before purchasing was that our hand keeps needing to grip the wok where the metal and wooden handle meet, we have employed some temporary, makeshift measures, but will probably end up purchasing a BBQ (heat-resistant) glove. Seasoned up well and we have had a number of great fried rice meals made in it. Would purchase again and with the addition of the glove it will be perfect for our needs.

Size and balance
A silicone piece or similar would be handy to cover where the wooden handle meets the metal. Nothing intrinsically wrong with the wok at all.

Wooden Handled Wok 400mm

SS infuser comes apart

Ray posted this on | Location: Fig tree nsw

We have had the teapots for 6 months and 5 strainers have come apart with no way of repair. Good product but disappointed with longevity

Style and volume
Strainer comes apart

Brew White Stackable Teapot 500ml with SS Infuser and Lid

Laser plus paring knife

Gregory posted this on | Location: Newcastle NSW

A fantastic and very useful paring knife. Has a superb cutting action. Great value for money.

Although this knife is only small it is very effective and easy to use.

Laser Plus Parer

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