Brioche Molds For Creating Delicious French Brioche
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Brioche Molds For Creating Delicious French Brioche

Friday, August 21, 2009

Brioche is an especially rich French creation comprised of yeast, dough eggs and butter. The classic brioche shape is made with special fluted brioche molds.

This shape has a fluted base with a knot on the top.

With our fine assortment of beautiful brioche molds, you can create beautiful and delicious brioche that you and your guest will enjoy again and again and revel in devouring.

This classic French pastry has been delighting diners for ages, and with the popularity of French cuisine today more and more people are looking for exceptional brioche.

With our fine brioche molds, you can give your customers what they want without breaking the bank. With these molds you can create exceptional brioche, certain to please even the most discriminating of diners.

The gentle flavors of brioche are renowned worldwide, for their buttery textures and hints of sweetness.

If you are serious about baking and realize that the French way is the only true way to create brioche, then look no further than our wonderful shaped brioche molds, and take your cooking and baking to the next level with a touch of international flair. As always, our equipment is durable, reusable and affordable.