Cake Tins Prove To Be Popular For Home Baking
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Cake Tins Prove To Be Popular For Home Baking

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cake tins are one of the most popular kitchenware products on our website. People all over Australia are finding the joys of home cooking - with hit TV shows like MasterChef Australia, and celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.

Cakes are great to cook at home, there are lots of styles, flavours, and shapes, and it is easy to cook and enjoy for any occasion.

We have lots of great cake tins in different sizes and shapes:

  • aluminium cake tins
  • cake pan
  • loaf pan
  • cake tin with fixed base
  • springform cake tin
  • cake pie pans
  • silicon cake tins
  • bend n bake cake tins
  • loose base cake tin
  • ring cake pans
  • tart pans
  • square cake pans
  • fluted cake pan fixed base
  • fluted cake tin loose base
  • non-stick cake pans
  • tempered glass base cake tins

Click here for the full range of cake tins.