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Cocktail Glasses For Bars Restaurants Cafes And Clubs

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Different cocktails work best in just the right cocktail glass. Hospitality Wholesale has a wide range of cocktail glass styles, from martini glasses to cosmopolitans.

Do you run a commercial bar and sell cocktails? Do you want something different? Something that your customers will look at and feel genuinely impressed by? Well look no further than Hospitality Wholesale. By simply skimming through our cocktail glasses section you can see the wide variety of stylish and original glasses that we offer.

From trusted brands such as Stolzle Lausitz, Luigi Bormioli and Libbey, you know that whatever you select will make an impact. The vast array of styles that we offer ensures something to suit all tastes. We supply stemless cocktail glasses, martini chillers, curved stemmed martini glasses, zig-zag stemmed martini glasses, cosmopolitan glasses, and many more.

Browse through our glassware section and find the same variety in tumblers, liqueur, wine glasses and many others.

Whatever the style of your commercial bar or restaurant, find the ideal glasses right here at Hospitality Wholesale.

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