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Coffee Equipment For Commercial Or Domestic

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We have a wide range of coffee equipment for both commercial and domestic settings. From big group 3 commercial espresso machines to small domestic espresso machines. Push button, programmable, or manual machines fit for purpose.

Hospitality Wholesale has coffee, grinders, espresso machines, espresso vending machines as well as a wide range of coffee cups, mugs and coffee spoons and associated coffee equipment.

Coffee is still growing in the Australian food and beverage market and consumers are becoming increasingly discerning. People know what a good coffee tastes like and they demand quantity coffee at cafes and restaurants.

A good coffee is mostly in how it is made, with a good barista able to get a good coffee from any espresso machine, but a high quality espresso machine makes it easy for anyone.

We have a selection of espresso machines for commercial establishments here.

If you want a cheaper espresso machine for home or office use, we have a range of domestic machines as well here.

Don't forget we also have coffee grinders and a range of other coffee equipment.

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