Cutlery Sets A Great Gift Idea
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Cutlery Sets A Great Gift Idea

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cultery sets are great value and add class to any table setting. We have a very wide range of cutlery sets from small hostess sets to full cutlery settings. There are a range of brands to choose from, with Tablekraft, Grosvenor, and more generic brands.

Cutlery sets are boxed sets of cutlery that include all the pieces needed for a table setting. A typical 56 piece cutlery set includes 8 of each utensil: for example table fork, table knife, dessert spoon, dessert fork, dessert knife, soup spoon, and tea spoon.

We offer beautifully presented boxed cutlery sets at wholesale prices. Click here to see the full range.

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