Hospitality Online Adds New Food Service Packaging
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Hospitality Online Adds New Food Service Packaging

Friday, February 1, 2013

We have recently added additional NEW and exciting Food Service Packaging products.

What is 'Food Service Packaging'? - I hear you ask....

This includes anything and everything that food and beverage products can be served and purchased in. We have recently added a selection of paper and gloss bags, available in white, black and brown - also suitable for RETAIL service, a variety of different coloured napkins (blue, red, yellow, white and natural).
Hospitality Online continues to add ECO-Friendly products when possible, made from Sugarcane Bagasse and Bamboo, a new range of hot and cold cups, and a wide variety of food packaging containers have also been added that will suit a variety of foods.

We are certain we have food packaging supplies to suit your requirements, but if you can't find what your looking for throughout the whole of the 'Disposable Packaging' section please contact us direct and we can try to assist you further with the requirement you have.