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Introducing Schott Zwiesel

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Schott Zwiesel - Fiesta Glassware
















Hospitality Products is thrilled to introduce Schott Zwiesel - Fiesta !

Schott Zwiesel is a comany that has over 140 years experience with their extensive ranges offering sophistication, innovation and durability in their products.

This is an extensive range of glassware shapes for every meal.  If your choice is white wine - Flute, Riesling, and Chardonnay and then onto the Burgundy and Bourdeaux in reds. 

Developed for professionals with the concept of shape, quality and increased strength as their main focus. An added strength in this range of Fiesta Glassware - comes from the patented Tritan Protect.  This has increased the durability and offers double the protection against breaking stems. Also offering protection agains scratches and overall durability unlike in conventional glassware.

Whilst Fiesta is the only glassware we currently have from Schott Zwiesel we look forward to welcoming more form this company that is globallly recognised as a leader in their market.

To view and order this glassware - it's easy, simply go to the link below and you will see the full range, add to shopping cart and fill in your details, we will be in touch and do the rest.

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Durable, Safe and perfect for your restaurant or home kitchen.Not only is this range of champagne, wine, tumblers, beer and specialty glassware safer to use than glass, it also offers the appearance of traditional glass.