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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Jar for everything !

There really is a jar for everything and you know what you can actually use a jar for anything.  I often say that these days 'anything goes' and it really is so so true, whilst it makes me sound old, there are countless scearios where this is true.  Vegetables and Salads are being eaten at breakfast time.  Coffee is turning green (Matcha) I even saw a rainbow coffee being poured the other day.  Even charcoal toast is now on menu's - it's not just burnt toast it is a real thing - and you really can use a jar for anything and everything...

The best thing about this is that Jars are GREAT for the environment.  There are shops where you can now take a bag full of your empty jars into the shop and you walk out and they are full of all fresh healthy ingredients you need as staples in the home... sorry I did leave out the part about paying, you do need to buy the goods...unfortunately ! This removes the use of the normal plastic or paper that would normally be in use to get the goods home, and then when you get home it's usually a plastic container or glass container one would store the goods in.  So I guess in a way if you have the strength and your organised enough to take them with you, you are saving on some time and they can also look very pretty on display.

Fermentation, Pickeling and Preserving of goods seems to be becoming popular again, with homemade sauerkraut, kombucha, and lemon drink concoctions being created and stored for the whole family to partake in.  Then there is your Nan's lemon butter or Gran's apple and saltana chutney.

It's about now that I should let you know I am a jar person, storing products in jars give you a visual of the products - you can see what you need straight away, they keep better and you know what - it's been done this way for a long time - we might be getting a little fancier with our jars, but  traditional looking ones are making a come back.  Jars like Fido with the rubber seals, Quattro Preserving jars - these are the jars that we know and love.  These are the jars I use and will continue to use for all of the above.

Let's just think for a second what else can be stored in a jar, there are your dried goods, fermented, pickled, preserved....

We have to make a mention of the recent craze of ...... Drinking Jars, it seems to have settled down a little but - Drinking Jars where everywhere a few months back.  Your breakfast juice was in a drinking jar, your smoothie was in a drinking jar, cocktails where being served this way, I was starting to get a little concerned one day my morning coffee was going to be handed in a drinking jar - whilst I like my coffee this would simply be too much !  If done right - a drinking jar can be really well recieved.  There are also the drinking jars that don't have handles and these can look quite good with some fresh fruit added to a cocktail mix etc. 

Last but not least there is of course jars being used for food, we have started to see a rise in the pre-made salad in Mason Jars (dressing on the side of course). This is a great idea, especially if you like to prep your meals a couple of days in advance.  I recenlty saw a vending machine that was for this sole purpose, it stocked pre-made salads in jars, and like a normal candy vending machine you chose the salad of choice by pressing D14 etc and out pop's a freshly made and stored salad in a jar. Very clever concept - I say, I haven't tried the machine or the salad, but I like the idea.  I remember a few years ago there was even the concept of adding all your dried goods to a jar in layers for baking a cake or biscuit, then all you needed was to add your fresh ingredients at a later date, mix and make up your cake or biscuits in a normal tin or tray.  These were very popular gift ideas.  Well why bake yourself when now there are pre-made cakes and sweet treats all made up, baked IN THE JAR, all you have to do is open the lid and you have a sweet treat... ready to go.

So now to add to that list then we have drinks (for service and storage), soups, salads, cakes, biscuits and I am certain there are lots more great uses ....

How exciting to see what new ideas may be on the horizan for the use of jars in the future.

Jars just work and if you need to top up your jar collection check out our range. 

If you don't have any jars at this time surely I have convinced you just how useful jars can be in your home, restaurant or even workplace.  Give us a call or jump online to view and purchase.

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