Newsletter 19 August 2009

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Newsletter 19 August 2009



Dear Customer

There are many new exciting products this week with more being added every day.  Some of the products that have been added to the site this week include:

Kasumi Chef Knives - considered to be some of the best knives in the industry

Hospital Servingware - plates, bowls, cups and jugs are insulated to keep contents cold or hot

Polycarbonate Glassware -Looks just like glass but is harder to break and much lighter.

Special Offer

This month we are offering additional discounts on to customers who order two or more Kasumi Knives. Email us a with the knife codes from our website and our helpful staff will email you a quote.
 Insulated Plate 230 mmInsulated Jug 1ltr Insulated Cup Double Handle Insulated Bowl 

Insulated Plate Round

230 mm

Insulated Jug 1ltr Insulated Cup Double Handle
Insulated Bowl Tapered 
 $9.00 ex GST
$12.60 ex GST $7.00 ex GST$7.00 ex GST 
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 Kasumi Chefs KnifeKasumi Nagiri Knife Kasumi Sashimi KnifeKasumi Paring Knife 
 Kasumi Chef Knife 20 cm and 24 cm Blade

Kasumi Nagiri Knife 17 cm Blade

  Kasumi Sashimi Knife 21 cm and 24 cm
Kasumi Paring Knife 8 cm Blade
  $142.80 ex GST$177.80 ex GST $292.60 ex GST$81.20 ex GST 
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 Polycarbonate TumblerPolycarbonate Schooner Glass Polycarbonate Wine GlassPolycarbonate Shot Glass 
 Polycarbonate Tumber available in 600 ml, 500 ml, 410 ml and 250 ml Polycarbonate Schooner Glass 425 ml
 Polycarbonate Wine Glass 700 ml
Polycarbonate Shot Glass 30 ml
 $4.73 ex GST
$4.09 ex GST
 $12.02 ex GST
$0.82 ex GST
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      Best wishes

      Hospitality Wholesale Team
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      Durable, Safe and perfect for your restaurant or home kitchen.Not only is this range of champagne, wine, tumblers, beer and specialty glassware safer to use than glass, it also offers the appearance of traditional glass.