Oil And Vinegar Dispensers For Salad And For The Table
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Oil And Vinegar Dispensers For Salad And For The Table

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The classic way to serve a salad is with separate oil and vinegar decanters so that the diner can add as much or as little of both ass they desire.

Our oil vinegar dispenser is contemporary and functional, allowing your guest to use just the right amount without over saturating the dish.

These easy to clean oil vinegar dispensers are easy to pour and use, and keep the ingredients free from outside contamination.

Their modern look will add a touch of class to any table, and they are a great compliment to many of out tumblers and dinner sets.

Offering your guest oil vinegar dispensers on table will allow your wait staff to concentrate on other tasks, without having to return to the table again and again, and without having to transfer dispensers to different tables.

Get enough oil vinegar dispensers for all of your tables, and make your guests dining experience that much more enjoyable and elegant. Our oil vinegar dispensers are refillable, and are low maintenance.

They accept a wide variety of oils and vinegars, so you can tailor the dining experience to suit the individual customer's tastes. Along with a freshly prepared salad, an oil vinegar dispenser is an integral part of any fine meal experience.

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