Snail Forks For Eating Escargot And Other Snail Dishes
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Snail Forks For Eating Escargot And Other Snail Dishes

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not all species of snail are edible, but the ones that are are a delicious delicacy served in many parts of the world and enjoyed by connoisseurs of fine and elegant food.

among the varieties that are edible, the taste of the snail meat varies greatly from species to species. in France, where people have been enjoying escargot for many years, 'Helix Pomatia' is the most common species of snail commonly enjoyed. In order to properly eat and enjoy the dish of escargot, it is important to cook the snails to perfection, and it is equally important to use the right utensils to enjoy them.

Our snail forks are beautiful and elegant, and they are the perfect way to enjoy the dish of escargot.

The closely spaced tines of the fork allow the snail to be easily and wholly removed from the shell without breaking off bits and without struggle on the part of the diner.

If your establishment is one that has chosen to serve it's customers escargot, then you will definitely benefit from stocking up on our elegant snail forks. These forks should be a part of any professionally stocked kitchen, and allow diners to experience the full flavor and range of the snails.

As new tastes spread around the globe and different dishes enjoy new found popularity among today's diners, escargot and snail forks are two things you should consider offering your customers.