The Cheese Knife, The Essential Utensil For The Cheese Connoisseur
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The Cheese Knife, The Essential Utensil For The Cheese Connoisseur

Friday, July 24, 2009

The standard utensil for any cheesemonger is a good quality cutting instrument for each cheese type. Our specialists have pulled together a assortment of knives that show the same craftsmanship that you will find in our artisanal cheeses. Cheese knives have a number of unique characteristics which make them perfect for cutting cheese.

The shape is odd. Most knives possess a blade that is wide at the base and narrowing at the tip. In contrast, a cheese knife is like a cleaver in that it starts narrower at the handle and then widens away from the base.

Cheese knives are made to handle the stickiness of cheese. When the cheese does not stick to the blade it permits for pieces of cheese to be offered more pleasingly, with crisper shapes compared to cheese cut with normal knives.

The blades of cheese knives are typically made of a substance, such as stainless steel, that is resistant to the stickiness of cheese. This is because stainless steel helps the cheese to slide off the blade without getting stuck. This characteristic makes it possible to make consistent size and shape pieces of cheese that are not broken in any way.

This is vital for any chef who is serious about his or her art, as appearance is nearly as important as taste. In addition to being perfect for cutting cheese, a cheese knife is frequently a good option when cutting boiled eggs, cake, or even butter.

Basically, any food that usually leaves behind remains on a conventional knife is better cut with a cheese knife because of its distinctive design and capability to stop food from sticking.