The Finest Quality Knives For Your Kitchen
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The Finest Quality Knives For Your Kitchen

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wenger Kitchen Knives are designed for chefs or anyone who is passionate about the art of food. In manufacturing Wenger forged blades one piece of hot stainless steel is pressed, moulded and hammered into shape, the blade is then put through various processes to enhance density, hardness and flexibility. Wenger forged blades are thicker than the stamped blade range which adds weight, strength and balance to the knife, offering precision with every cut and preventing fatigue. There is not only perfection in the manufacturing process. The quality of the overall product is by far a cut above the rest, the surface of the blade and handle are finely polished with the Wenger logo positioned to be seen, stamped to guarantee its authenticity. View and purchase your first Wenger Knife today.

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