The History Of Bodum
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The History Of Bodum

Friday, May 31, 2013

Founded in Copenhagen Denmark in 1944 by Peter Bodum and relocated in 1978 to Switzerland by son Jorgen Bodum. This company continues to develop functional and affordable products in coffee and tea glassware and kitchen electrics and gadgets.

1958 - SANTOS vacuum coffee maker was introduced. Internationally acclaimed for its unique design, it remained one of the most popular coffee makers well into the 70s.

1974 - The introduction of the French Press coffee maker, recognised as the most environmentally friendly coffee maker.

1986 - The first London store opened and started Bodum off as an internationally recognised brand.

1992 - Bodum markets electrical household products.

2010 - A line of electrical kitchen tools is introduced to the market, known as E-BODUM creating flair and colour.

TODAY - Bodum has produced over 100 million French Presses, and 30 million assorted Teapots

Bodum has certainly grown into a global homeware brand, with distributors in over 55 countries, continuing in popularity and growth with new and unique design whilst maintaining functionality.