So we PACK UNITS - What does that mean ?
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So we PACK UNITS - What does that mean ?

As the title and images may suggest - Yes we grab some boxes and pack some things into them for units, but often one doesn't know what this entails and how this may help your business.

To start we go through your requirements to ensure that we have an understanding of exactly what you need. We then finalize this information with you and source the required products for our many suppliers. Once we have received all the goods, we sort, prep and then put these together into cartons for their units, apartments and offices. Whatever the establishment I am sure we can assist. So to give you an example this may be an apartment that goes into a lease back and needs a full kitchen for the guests use. Items such as a toaster, kettle, chopping board, knife set, pots and pans, cooking utensils, tea towels, tumblers, wine glasses, coasters, salad bowl, water jug, grater, plates, bowls, bathroom items, and more. The real fun begins, when the pallets start to roll in, the products are broken down into the quantities required per unit/apartment. Once the products are broken down and prepped into the quantities required, then they are packed in the most effective way possible for despatch and to ensure they get delivered with no breakages.

As you can imagine this can be a very lengthy process and that is where we come into assist with this service. Trying to complete this task with no supplier contacts, very little space and the uncertainty of exactly what may be required only presents more challengers. We have worked in the industry and are around these products on a daily basis, we know not only what is required however the brands and designs that are best suited to the product you have on hand. If we can assist all you need is some basic knowledge of what you require, and an end date for the project.

So now you know how this process plays out, I wonder if you have a project in mind that we could assist you with.  An office kitchette, meeting rooms, apartments fitouts, new hotel rooms, modernizing of rooms, school canteen requirements. 

So let us know how we can HELP you !



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