Whistling Kettle Lets You Know When The Hot Water Is Done
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Whistling Kettle Lets You Know When The Hot Water Is Done

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When boiling water for tea, there is no better way than to use a classic whistling kettle. When the water has reached the precise boiling temperature, the kettle emits a loud whistling jet of stem, letting you know that the temperature is just right.

The flat base of our whistling kettle provides a perfectly even heating surface to prevent hot spots and flame licks, making it the perfect kettle for gas stoves. As the timeless and preferred way to boil water, no other method of tea preparation is as authentic as the whistling kettle.

A raised handle ensures that you will never burn your hands removing the kettle from the heat source, and the easy to pour design eliminates the problems associated with other methods of water boiling, making our whistling kettle the safest and best way to serve tea.

Simply pour the boiling water into a cup and add a tea bag, or use it in conjunction with a tea ball and loose leaves. People who enjoy tea have relied on the whistling kettle for ages, mainly because of the ease of use and no guesswork. When the water is at the right temperature, it simply let you know with its unmistakable whistle, allowing you to serve and prepare delicious and healthful the authentic way.

Our whistling kettle will add a touch of style to your kitchen or eatery, and people who know tea and appreciate the subtle flavor will see and taste the difference with our quality whistling tea kettle.