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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

White Magic is Australian and New Zealand's leader in the marketplace for MICROFIBRE cleaning.

First launched in 2001 with continued growth to increase the range of Microfibre Sponges, Cloths and Mops. Their main mission is to have chemical free cleaning products that are of the highest quality yet at a competitive price point for its consumers.

White Magic's range consists of Eraser Sponges, Eco Cloths, Microfibre Spin Mops, and Eco Towels - all of which are sure to impress from the first moment you use them. Hospitality Online now lists an extensive range of these products, currently being used and tested by our staff and the results so far are very impressive.

The White Magic Eco Cloths come in a range for the Kitchen Care, Bathroom Care and General Living Care and they truly are brilliant at cleaning all surfaces.

The KITCHEN cloth is made with charcoal yarn that inhibits the growth of bacteria therefore avoiding cloth odour. The drying mat - is four times more absorbent than your average teatowel whilst inhibiting the growth of bacteria reducing health risks in the kitchen.

The BATHROOM cloth is double sided therefore allows you to go from one surface to the next.

The LIVING cloth is a multipurpose cloth that can basically be used for everywhere and any surface.

The White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop is a revolution in mop technology allowing you to easily control the dampness of the mop head. It can also be used dry for dusting. The patented Spin Mop Spinner rotates at over 2600 revolutions per minute to expel the water from the Microfibre mop head, combined with a circular mop head that can spin 360 Degrees and a handle that pivots 180 Degrees, meaning you can clean any hard floor and reach under most furniture. The Spin Mop was invented in Taiwan in 2008 and is backed up with a 1 Year Guarantee.