Brew Chilli and White Long Black Cup 220ml | $3.40 ea
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Brew Chilli and White Long Black Cup 220ml

Pack Size: 6


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Unit Price: $3.40 ea ex. GST
Pack Size: 6
Pack Price: $20.40

Love the 220ml Long black cup - Available in a variety of colours to suit your decor and customer base.

I personally love coffee, the bigger and stronger the better.
However in recent times I have heard of a lot of cafe's and restaurants requiring smaller sizes in their range particularly if they have elderly clientele. Thinking about it, it may also be the more health conscious that have decided to cut back (we all try), therefore it can be very important to cater to everyone's needs.

The BrewEst2016 range has done just that, not only have the created a new style in the range of FLAT WHITE (love this shape), along with a LATTE Cup, they have also allowed for additional sizes, with a small and large flat white, and likewise in Long Black two sizes to choose from.

The range is simply modern, functional, and very very comfortable to hold with easy grip handles, not to mention the colours certainly excite and draw attention to your establishment and keep your locals come back time and time again.

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