Cambro Versa Adjustable Dish Caddy | $1,490.00 ea
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Cambro Versa Adjustable Dish Caddy

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Price: $1,490.00 ea ex. GST

Protect your dinnerware from damage on the move and make transporting them easier with this versatile dish caddy from Cambro. Even when fully loaded and no matter how tight the space is, pushing and moving this dish caddy is effortless. Four tough swivel castor wheels and a rigid central castor make it simple to manoeuvre at all times.

Featuring fully adjustable towers, it can securely hold plates, platters, bowls and trays in a variety of sizes ranging from 11cm to 33cm. Transport one dish size or a combination of sizes at the same time. This dish caddy also comes with its own vinyl cover for sanitary storage.

Dimensions 902(H) x 984(W) x 762(D)mm
Material Polyethylene
Weight 38.88kg
Holds dinnerware from 11cm to 33cm
Ergonomic, durable and easy to manoeuvre
Contains 15.24cm swivel castors at each corner
Rigid center castor makes manoeuvring easy even when fully loaded
Vinyl cover included for sanitary storage

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