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Hurom Commercial Cold Press Juicer


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Code: HUR0001

Price: $1,958.70 ex. GST

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Specifically designed for commercial or high volume use, the Hurom H22 comprises a heavy duty design with twice the chamber capacity, 3 complete drum sets, transparent hopper and the ability to run for up to 8 hours at a time. The Hurom H22 is also BPA Free and capable of producing up to 50 litres per hour; depending on the product you are juicing. The Hurom H22 is also extremely versatile. Whether you are wanting to juice oranges and apples in large volume, offer health and detox mixes such as wheatgrass, strawberries, acai and kale, or if you are looking to juice hard product such as carrot, beetroot and ginger, the H22 can do it all!

Juice high yield product (such as oranges) at an output of 50 litres per hour (1.25kg of oranges will make approx. 1.0 litres of juice)
Great for hard product like carrot, beetroot and ginger
Best possible yield from greens such as wheatgrass, kale and mint
Makes nut milk with ease

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