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WMF is a German based company that is a leading international supplier of products and services with the focus on tableware and kitchenware in the consumer and institutional segments. WMF products distinguished themselves in national and international markets by their design, utility and quality.

WMF maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing sites for cutleries, cookware, tableware, knifeware and coffee machines. The company founded in 1853 is a supplier of branded products meeting the highest demands made on design, quality and utility – throughout the world.

For WMF, success in the markets, cost-effectiveness and profitability form the basis for our ability to fulfill our obligations towards customers, employees, investors, environment and the public in general.

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100% offWmf Lemon Slice Squeezer
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100% offWmf Mesh Strainer Sieve 20cm
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100% offWmf Utility Bowl
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Displaying 1-3 of 3 products.