Cutlery Insert Tray 5 Compartment White | $4.90 ea
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Cutlery Insert Tray 5 Compartment White

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Code: WET5388

Price: $4.90 ea ex. GST

Standard, white, five compartments ideally for knife, fork, soup and dessert spoon and then of course teaspoon. Naturally you can have your own way of story your cutlery in these compartments, add in steak knives as a compartment, and remove dessert etc.

Five compartments for sorting your cutlery whether it be at home, a restaurant service section, a cafe with a table off in the corner used as a staff service bay or a pub/bar/tavern where your clientele collect their cutlery as they order. This is the ideal way to keep things organised and make it easier for everyone when replenishing, and taking cutlery that is needed.

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This product is ideal for home use and industry when you need to tidy your cutlery draw and have more organisation.

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